Fuel Injection Tubes
Fuel Injection Tubes are used in large numbers in all kinds of diesel engines for automobiles, ships, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. We offer a wide variety of fuel injection pipes with or without clamps, which are extensively used in the automotive industry. These are fabricated using high grade materials, which impart utmost level of durability. Manufactured from superior quality of raw material these Fuel Injection Tubes are strictly checked on the parameters of quality, dimension and cleanliness.


CRDi Tubes
Common Rail technology operates at very high-pressure to achieve better air-fuel mixing and as a result, higher engine efficiency. These tubes have a working pressure upto 2000 Bar and each tube is Auto Frettaged to remove stresses and pass through our clean room maintained to provide highest level of cleanliness.


Hydraulic Tubes
We offer a qualitative range of High Pressure Hydraulic Tubes. This precision engineered product possesses high tensile strength and is extremely durable. These tubes are used in all kinds of Hydraulic applications in heavy construction and meterial handling equipment.



EGR & Bellows

EGR tube assembly carries unburnt gas vapors from the exhaust manifold chambers to the intake manifold and is reintroduced into the engine firing sequence. It is used in conjunction with catalytic converter for better performance. It also enhances the life of critical engine moving parts. The gases are cooled before they are fed back.


The typical external EGR tube is mounted between the exhaust manifold or crossover pipe and the EGR control valve. Because the gas temperatures can exceed 650ºC. (1200ºF), the resulting thermal expansion loads on the tube can cause early valve, tube, or manifold failure.


We manufacture a wide range of SS Bellow Hose pipes that is extensively used in different industries. The high grade stainless steel used in the fabrication of these tubes ensure that these are resistant to corrosion, highly robust and durable. SS bellows can withstand high pressure flow of fluids.

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