Radiator & Heater Hoses
Produced from EPDM Terpolymers to withstand Temperatures up to 150°C. The Reinforcement can very depending on temperature and pressure requirements. The Reinforcement can be RAYON, POLYESTER or ARAMID. Commonly used in Radiator and Engine applications.


Fuel & Vacuum Hoses
Multilayer Hoses with an Impermeable Inner Layer of Fluoroelastomer with layers of EPICHLOROHYDRIN, subsequently Braided with PET / Aramid covered with a Heat, Ozone resistant layer. These are normaly low diameter hoses that withstand Max Pressure of 60 MPa.


Silicone Hoses
Suitable for cooling systems, charge air systems and induction systems. With its’ temperature range stability, flexibility, longevity, thermal, and electrical insulation properties, silicon polymers are a modern miracle of engineering material science. Manufactured from premium quality raw material, silicone hoses are used for high performance applications such as turbochargers. These hoses can withstand wide temperatures ranging from -40°C to 200°C.


Co-Extruded Hoses
Co-Extruded Hoses can encounter demanding conditions such as high temperature and weathering . These hoses have optimum strength to ensure long service life without any maintenance. Mainly used for return and drain applications since it has no reinforcement



Branch Hoses
Assembly and Branch Hoses are used to connect multiple hoses with a common connector such as in engines to supply oil, fuel, gas or coolant. These are manufactured from premium quality raw material that provides ability to withstand wide temperature range from -40°C to 140°C.
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