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We are always on a lookout for strategic suppliers for the following category of items


  1. Synthetic Rubber and related chemicals for compounding
      1. We use bulk quantities of following synthetic rubber
        1. EPDM
        2. NBR
        3. CR
        4. Silicon
        5. ECO
        6. ACM
        7. Vamac
        8. FKM
  2. Tubes
    1. We use bulk quantities of following tubes in different sizes
      1. ERW Tubes
      2. CDW Tubes
      3. CDS Tubes
  3. Fittings
    1. We use bulk quantities of fittings like
      1. Caps
      2. Nipples
      3. Nuts
      4. Flanges


Apart from the above mentioned production items we regularly buy following

  1. Tube Bending machinery and related equipment
  2. Rubber processing machinery – Kneaders, Mixing Mills, Extruders etc
  3. Material Handling equipment
  4. Automation systems

You may email your offers at sandeep@impauto.com

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